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Dymatize Elite 100% Whey Protein 4.6Lb (2.1kg)


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Dymatize Elite100 Whey Protein

Dymatize Elite 100% Whey Protein is assured with high quality supplement consists of unadulterated proteins. Every scoop of the supplement contains 25gms of protein blend that includes whey concentrates, whey protein isolates and whey peptides. The blend of different types of protein makes it more absorbent and digestible and improves the efficacy of the protein supplement.

The BCAA content (6.0g) in the supplement speeds up muscle recovery and ensures better results. This is because BCAA helps in preventing muscle loss and muscle fatigue, which in turn leads to an overall increase in the performance level. Therefore, Dymatize Elite 100% Whey Protein is also advantageous for enhancing endurance and encouraging better performance during vigorous training for faster results.



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Rich Chocolate, Gourmet Vanilla, Cookies & Cream

1 review for Dymatize Elite 100% Whey Protein 4.6Lb (2.1kg)

  1. admin

    Gourmet vanilla is better than 5lb vanilla varient

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