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Universal Nutrition Animal Test


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With Animal Test, you can become the game-changing performer you’ve always wanted to be.

With the combination of Arachidonic Acid, Ketosterones, Trans-Resveratrol and more, this anabolic formula can have you building massive muscle in no time. It’s time to take control of your muscle-building destiny, and Animal Test has the power to help you.

One of our most popular supplements for athletes looking to support muscle growth, it contains Arachidonic Acid, a powerful Omega 6 fatty acid that may help manage muscle inflammation during your workout. This can help lead to more muscle fiber breakdown, and potential increased muscle mass.

Animal Test contains a key ingredient called Stinging Nettle Root and that is known to inhibit sex hormone binding globulin (SHBG). Stinging Nettle Root extract allows for the enhanced activation of free testosterone that promotes gains in strength and size as well as improved focus, recovery and gym performance. Why worry about free testosterone? Total testosterone is not the name of the game here. If it’s bound, it’s unusable. That’s why the key lies in free testosterone.

Another key ingredient called Polygonum Cuspidatum, which contains Resveratrol which helps supports estrogen metabolism, glucose metabolism and also contains anti-inflammatory benefits. This can help support short and long-term health. Additionally, this powerful antioxidant activates AMPK, a remarkable protein that helps regulate your blood sugar levels.

Lastly, it contain Yohimbe Bark Extract, which supports physique recomposition and virility.

Animal Test is the premiere testosterone-boosting pill pack supplement for the athlete who wants to take their mass and performance to the next level.




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